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 Mediation (Co-parenting)

Mediation services give parents the opportunity to work with an impartial neutral and the other parent to develop plans for spending time with the child(ren).   Even tricky topics such as how time will be divided over the holidays can be tackled.

Co-parenting classes give parents information and tools to effectively communicate with each other and share parenting responsibilities. 



To get access to the mediation program, both parents need to be willing to mediate a parenting plan.   Also, current contact information for both parents needs to be available.   Parents who meet these criteria should call Resolution Virginia's main telephone number 888-VA PEACE to connect to the closest center offering the services.  Or centers can be reached directly at the numbers below:



  • ReSOLUTIONS, Woodstock VA (540) 459-8799

  • Better Agreements, Inc. Blacksburg VA (540) 552-1200


  • FairField Center, Harrisonburg VA  (540) 434-0059 ext. 1

  • Mediation Center of Charlottesville, VA (434) 977-2926


  • NVMS Conflict Resolution Center, Fairfax VA (703) 865-7263

  • Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, Warrenton VA (540) 347-6650


  • Peaceful Alternatives Community Mediation, Amherst VA (434) 929-8224

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