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If you’re experiencing conflict at work, at home, or in your community, mediation can help.


Trained and certified mediators do not take sides.  They lead a process that helps generate solutions.  No one is forced to do anything that does not work for them or that they feel is not in their best interest.


  • can save time, resources, energy, and money

  • helps resolve problems effectively— 70-80% work it out!

  • addresses many different topics (e.g., landlord-tenant, separation/divorce, neighbors, workplace, family, contracts)

  • clarifies misunderstandings

  • helps identify what really matters to each participant


To learn more about mediation, contact one of the centers below.  Fees are based on participant incomes so everyone should be able to access mediation.


  • BRIDGE Institute, Roanoke and New River Valleys VA (540) 552-1200


  • FairField Center, Harrisonburg VA  (540) 434-0059 ext. 1

  • Mediation Center of Charlottesville, VA (434) 977-2926


  • NVMS Conflict Resolution Center, Fairfax VA (703) 865-7263

  • Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, Warrenton VA (540) 347-6650


  • Peaceful Alternatives Community Mediation, Amherst VA (434) 929-8224

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