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Community Mediation Center d/b/a
FairField Center & Harrisonburg International Festival
Executive Director

The Fairfield center has been a pillar in the Shenandoah Valley since 1982 as the first mediation
center in Virginia. Fairfield Center is committed to inclusivity, equity, and the just resolution of
conflicts by empowering individuals and communities to live and work together.
The Executive Director is responsible for managing and providing leadership to:
1. staff, adjunct service providers, and Center volunteers
2. program areas and administrative operations
3. publicity, fundraising and financial management activities.
Job Relationships:
A. Report to the Board of Directors in general and specific Committees (Executive, Finance, Board &
Staff Development, Marketing, and Ad Hoc).
B. Supervise Program Directors, sub-contractors, and select volunteers and student interns. Respond to
mediator inquiries as appropriate.
C. Oversees the Harrisonburg International Festival and acts as the main point of contact.
● Board of Directors:
○ Work with the Nominations Committee to maintain a membership of 10+ Board Members.
○ Set agendas for Board and Executive Committee meetings in cooperation with the
President and regularly attend meetings.
○ Report to the Board on program/staff activities, finances, and issues of policy or direction.
○ Assist the President in organizing Board committees and assist those committees as
● Management and Development of Personnel and Programs:
○ Conduct assessment for the current organizational structure and propose a strategic plan
to reflect the center’s goals.
○ Oversee program retention, expansion and new program development.
○ Maintain personnel functions including:
■ hire, supervise and terminate employees
■ conduct job description reviews
■ work with employees to establish goals, objectives and priorities
■ administer annual evaluations.
● Finance
○ Prepare annual budgets with the Finance Committee and present to the Board for
○ Oversee and ensure completion of bookkeeping operations and audits.
○ Promote grant initiatives by:
■ seeking out grant sources
■ supervising the development of new & renewing grant proposals
■ managing current grants
■ overseeing grant reporting activities.
● Fundraising:
○ Plan annual fundraising and solicitation events with Board committees/staff.
○ Identify and develop new partnerships and potential revenue generation opportunities by
way of networking with other local agencies, businesses, organizations, universities and
clubs, etc.
● Public Relations & Communications:
○ “Build the Brand” - Arrange and deliver speaking engagements committed to outreach.
○ Represent the FairField Center at regional events.
○ Building relationships with regional partners.
○ Oversee production and distribution of Center social media and publicity materials that
communicate the organization’s purpose and programs to the public through varied
● 5+ years of experience in leadership and conflict resolution.
● Experience with grant writing and budget design.
● Strong work ethic and solution driven.
● Ability for quality partnership and collaboration.
● Outstanding networking and communication skills.
● Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
● Ability to take on challenges and pursue new strategic planning in line with Fairfield center’s
mission and values.
● Ability to build and lead strong and effective teams.
Position Details:
Reports to: Board Chair, Board of Directors
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
FLSA: Exempt
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range : $55,000-$65,000
Application Instructions:
Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to
The Fairfield Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion,
disability or age in its employment or activities.

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