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Resolution Virginia and the Trust Network

The Trust Network and Election-related Violence in the United States

Conditions in the United States over recent months have been alarming. It is abundantly clear that the need for community cohesion is great.

Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB), Election Incident Reporting (EIRUSA), and the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) have teamed up to identify, prevent and mitigate violence stimulated by underlying social issues – before the 2020 elections, during the vote and in the aftermath, and as unity is rebuilt. This effort is called the Trust Network. The Trust Network includes local, state, national and international conflict-management organizations with decades of combined experience.


Virginia has been identified as one of 11 states that could experience election-related violence in the next 4-6 months in any or various communities.

We are looking to include the following people in the Virginia Trust Network:

  • Peacebuilders and/or de-escalators willing to be on-call to assist when needed;

  • Community leaders who have the ear of other community leaders and can help connect the Network; and

  • Trustworthy people willing to monitor local social or regular media and verify accounts of potentially violent situations.

If you can play one of these roles or can assist in another way, please sign up at the following website AND send your contact information to Virginia’s Trust Network Coordinator, Christine Poulson with Resolution Virginia at Christine can also be reached at (540) 294-0732. We will be building regional coalitions of peacebuilders.

Thank you for assisting our efforts to help Virginians be heard …without violence.

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Resolution Virginia Leads Virginia Trust Network

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